Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day at the Beach

This evening we went to the beach. I was all excited and the first thing I did was poop on the beach. Samantha was a doll and even cleaned it up for me. Then we headed down to the water. It was nice and calm no waves and just deep enough to swim in. Great fun was had by all. Even Samantha and Ethan were having fun. 
This is me after getting out of the water, my fur is all wet and salty. The sand even sticks to you. 
Well, I enjoyed the tidal pool so much we decided to go down to the ocean. The only thing about the ocean is the water chases you. Who knew that would happen?
This is a picture of me trying to avoid the waves. There was no way I was letting the kids drag me back near those waves. 
We had a good time at the beach. I got to dig some and meet some new dogs. I did have to take 2 showers(what's up with that). They washed me off before letting me ride in the car and then as soon as we got home Emory took me in the back yard and give me another bath and even used soap. At least I finally got to take a nap before bed time.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Miles' new doo
Miles had his first haircut today. He picked out the Schnauzer style cut. And since it was summer he wanted it extra short.
This should be way cooler and he got a neckerchief to go with the trim.